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Building sustainable and energy efficient homes

Building Green

Meridian supports the construction industry's continuing journey towards providing homes and businesses with the best technology and building techniques to minimize their ecological footprint.  Meridian builds the most luxurious, comfortable and energy efficient developments in Saskatoon.

Each home and commercial building is constructed to last, operate with the greatest efficiency, and provide a solid, long-term investment for homeowners and landlords.

Eco3000 are energy efficient building practices that go beyond LEED and ENERGY STAR certifications. Buildings constructed to Eco3000 certification are the most energy efficient on the market today.  Not only do these buildings reduce overall utility costs with high efficiency and well-insulated designs, but they are also constructed with an eye for reducing the environmental impact of construction.

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Meridian building green page

Utilizing innovative techniques to reduce the environmental impact

Eco3000 building features


Construction phase recycling


Building materials made from recycled product


ENERGY STAR rated windows and appliances


High-efficiency furnace

High insulation value (R-value)


Low flow faucets and toilets

Energy efficiency and sustainable building go beyond the construction phase. Homes and office building designed to Ecco3000 standards reduce their environmental impact throughout their life cycle.


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