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Giving back to the community is one of our core values

MDC in the Community

Meridian Development Corp. principals and staff live and work in Saskatoon.  As part of their commitment to building beautiful neighbourhoods, Meridian devotes land and time to shared spaces and facilities.  When building in existing areas around the city, Meridian will set aside space for beneficial projects, such as the ice rink and shelter on 7th Avenue in Saskatoon.

Meridian believes that creating sustainable communities means not only building houses and businesses, but also giving something back to the community that everyone can enjoy.

Meridian staff recently participated in the LutherCare Stair Climb Challenge to support the renewal of Luther Special Care Home.  The fundraising proceeds went towards improvements at the care home.


Meridian works with the following organizations in Saskatoon:

Habitat for humanity Saskatoon            

Meridian mdc page

Using innovative techniques to reduce the environmental impact


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