Saskatoon, SK

2016 // Mixed-use Development

Meridian's desire to bring the art of living well to seniors

With Meridian’s reputation of imagining and building enviable residences, LutherCare, a preeminent provider of seniors housing and care, approached Meridian to build a new seniors’ care facility with a plan to offer innovative, enriched living and intermediate care. Knowing the importance of changing the standards of living for the valued people who built our province, Meridian’s executive team was passionate about creating a first-class development where seniors would experience a country club atmosphere and enjoy surroundings reminiscent of Meridian’s luxury condominiums.

The objective was to create this enviable atmosphere that had never existed for seniors in the province, but for a price that would fit the market in Saskatoon. The result was a Northwestern inspired “Modern Lodge”, where clean lines blend seamlessly with organic finishes to create a casually elegant, warm environment. It’s the antithesis of anything that appears institutional, while still functioning to foster all the needs of seniors to meet Luther’s mandate of a “Continuum of Living,” in a lifestyle that does not isolate seniors, rather focuses on their integration in the community and intergenerational living.

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